This campaign won a Silver Addy at the AAF Award Ceremony in April 2016.


The biggest competitors in the sunglass category are Ray Bans and Oakley. They dominate the market, persuading millennials to stand out with flashy glasses. Warby Parker is known for their stylish glasses, but not their sunglasses. This campaign is intended to change that perception.

Target Audience

Men and Women, 23-30 years old, $30k + HHI.
The target audience is made up of young professionals. She is a millennial that is trying to break into her first career. She is focused on making a lasting impression, appearing professional and fashionable, but not too bright. Showing off her personality is super important, especially during that initial interview. She knows that first impressions are critical. She values the opinions of others and always try to put her best foot forward.

Key Message

Warby Parker sunglasses make a lasting impression by being professional, classic and unique.


+ A lot of young professionals ditch their normal, everyday flashy sunglasses for a more conservative or neutral pair when they are planning on meeting someone new.
+ Someone’s eyes are the first thing you notice upon meeting someone new; that first impression.


Position Warby Parker sunglasses as the go-to pick to stand out from the crowd and make the best first impression.


Alexa Skoulis - Account Planner + Art Director

Noah Nantz - Art Director

Georgia Taylor - Art Director

* This is work that I did while at SCAD.



Below is a video clip demonstrating how the virtual try on would interact with a user.



I had to think of a way to reach those customers who would not be drawn to the microsite or see the traditional print ads. I designed a card that would be inside the packaging when a customer ordered the 5 pairs for the Home Try On program through Warby Parker's current website. This way, the customer could be included in the campaign and participate.