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Since February of 2017, I have been Vital Nutrients' marketing associate, but a more accurate title is Designer/Trade Show Coordinator. I design all of the company's distributor marketing/advertising assets, the yearly catalog, Amazon storefront ads/designs, website banners, minor updates to our websites, printed materials, packaging design, and webinar presentations designs.


2018 was the first year in five years where Vital Nutrients updated their design for their yearly catalog. I had the opportunity to present new designs for the 2018 catalog. In the end, my design ideas were selected. I created this file from start to finish, designed page layouts and ads, edited the copy with our on staff writer, and prepped the entire file for the printer. This is just a small sample of the 100 page catalog, including the front and back covers.


Amazon has increased the marketing and advertising opportunities for companies.  There are more places for businesses to not only talk about the products they're selling, but also about who they are. One of the projects I had the chance to design for was our Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), which lives at the bottom of every product page for Vital Nutrients.



After our Comprehensive Detox Kit had been out for a year, we needed to refresh and update the outside of the box. I enhanced the original design on the front, and recreated the side panels and back to provide more information to the consumer about what our detox kit had to offer. I created the printer-ready file as well.