Recently, ScentLok changed their logo in an attempt to rebrand themselves as innovators of this odor-eliminating technology. It seems that their rebranding has ended just with the logo redesign, and they continue to focus on hunters, instead of reaching out to new audiences that could benefit from their products. My challenge was to introduce ScentLok Technologies to a new target audience, thru-hikers and section hikers.


Men + Women, 28-34 yr. olds, Thru- Hikers / Hikers, $45k + HHI
He is a 29 year-old man who earns his $55k income by doing contract jobs overseas. After the loss of his closest friend, he decided to take on a new hobby in his honor by hiking the Appalachian Trail. He is someone who enjoys spending as much time as possible in nature. He enjoys photography, traveling to new countries and meeting new people. He also has begun to travel to places where he can test out his new skills and broaden his hiking scope by taking on famous trails all over the world, such as, the West Highland Way in Scotland (roughly a 550 mile hike).


After my initial research about thru-hikers and section hikers, I came across an interesting phenomenon called "trail magic". It is believed to be magic from nature that provides motivation to a hiker that is struggling on their own. It’s a beautiful experience that instantly enhances their journey and pushes them to continue. What hikers believe to be the most magical, is when one comes across a moment in nature, witnessing something where the animal doesn't realize that they're being watched.  It's almost like they're quite literally, a fly on a wall (or a tree in the case) and completely undetected.


+ Thru-hiking or section-hiking is extremely tough on the mental and physical strength of a person. Hikers who commit to this type of adventure/journey believe it to be more than just a past-time; it’s a lifestyle and a way to relieve stress.
+ No one likes the act of hiking. There are aches and pains, a 60 lb. pack on your back, no showers or real food and, sometimes, lack of communication. It's a true struggle to complete a full hike by oneself. 
+ The most motivational “trail magic” is shown when the hiker is completely unnoticed by the animal. It’s like you’re witnessing something you weren’t suppose to see.  


ScentLok Technologies creates odor eliminating gear so hikers can become invisible to wildlife. This allows for more “Trail Magic” to be seen, giving them an elevated experience and heightened motivation to continue their journey.

* This is work that I did while at SCAD.