Our challenge was to inspire those who work with their hands to continue working just as hard, everyday, and let them know that O'Keefe's Working Hands Hand Cream repairs the day's cracks and tears, in preparation for tomorrow's obstacles.


Men and women, 27-40 yrs old, $49k + HHI

She begins her day at dawn and ends at dusk. She's never worked a 9-5 job, and never will. She probably owns her own company and her friends know her as being independent, ambitious and confident. She isn't materialistic and cares more for providing for her family and the community than anything else. She is someone who builds, fixes, grows and works for a living. That determination, selflessness and drive were our inspiration for this campaign.


Those who work 'hands on' jobs, are proud of it. The dirt, cracks, sweat and blood that are evident on their hands at the end of the day, are proof that they worked hard and got things done.


Alexa Skoulis - Account Planner + Copywriter + Art Director

Pedro Cramer - Art Director


After I had written the headlines for each ad, we carved and laser cut each one onto lino boards so we could create the texture we wanted in the final pieces.

* This is work that I did while at SCAD.