My challenge with Little Giant's Xtreme Ladder was to show off the versatility of it with its attachments.


Men and Women, 28-50 years old, $60k + HHI. 
She is all about the holiday spirit and impressing their neighbors and family; she's a holiday decorator extremist. She has a big family, two or three kids, and a husband, who are all into the Christmas spirit. These are those families who start taking out decorations and planning the holiday season in June. They begin setting up the lights and decorations months before the holiday jingles come on the radio. Although the Christmas spirit is alive in their house, they’re also extremely competitive. They don’t have the “keep up with the Jones’” attitude because they are the Jones’. Their motivation is to impress everyone who sees their display. They look for the “Wow” factor. It’s a mix of perfectionism, a competitive drive and ego that fuels them all year long. Think of the woman from Target’s Christmas commercials in 2013. She’s an extremist.


My main source for inspiration and research was from ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight” TV show. There are video clips from the families who participated the past few years, and I combed through all of them. They describe their process, when it starts, storage, struggles, who helps out, the community, motivation, etc. A lot of them have fallen off ladders in the past and/or have a lot of difficulty without hiring or renting professional equipment, to put everything in its place. 


Little Giant’s Xtreme ladder makes decorating your home for the holidays easier.


+ Even though there are frustrations around the holiday season, people still put up with them and decorate because it’s worth it to them.
+ Extreme holiday decorating is a competitive “sport”. 
+ Every year, extreme decorators try to add one more piece (lights, display, figurine, etc) so the displays continually get bigger each year.


Show extremely decorated homes with playful lines of copy that anyone can relate too during the holiday season.

* This is work that I did while at SCAD.