Johnson’s Baby Oil, as well as most Johnson’s Baby products, are usually purchased by women, primarily mothers. Father’s tend to worry that the mother-baby bond will be stronger than their own bond with their newborn. Johnson’s Baby Oil wants to remind fathers how to bond with their little ones.


Men, 25-35 yrs old, $50k+ HHI
He is either married or divorced, but has a baby or is a father-to-be. He has a steady job, which gives him the ability to spend his evenings at home with his family. He is overly protective of his loved ones. He is completely immersed in everything his children do. The first steps, first word, recording everything and hanging every drawing they’ve created on the art covered fridge. He has always loved being a father and wants to have a big family. He drives a larger SUV or minivan. He does fear that he won’t be able to build as strong a bond as the mother, so he works hard to show his love and affection.


When we were doing research for Johnson’s Baby Oil, we discovered  blogs and testimonials from mothers that men suffered from postpartum depression as well. Psychologists believe this is due to the intense bonding they experience between the mother and their baby and they believe that their connection will never be as strong. After interviewing a new father, we discovered that some fathers were extremely proactive even before their little one was born to strengthen that bond early. This sparked an idea.


+ New fathers fear that their connection with their baby will never be as strong as it is with the mother.
+ A father’s role is just as important as the mother’s. They should not try to be another mother figure; they need to be themselves to create that bond with their little one. 
+ It is a necessary moment in your child’s developmental stages to create a bond by nourishing and providing care; Johnson’s Baby Oil gives fathers that opportunity.


Encourage fathers to create and sustain a bond with their new babies.


Alexa Skoulis - Account Planner + Art Director + Copywriter

Jessica Lee Nocera - Art Director + Copywriter

* This is work that I did while at SCAD.



The Twitter page will act like a blog that will house tips and tricks to ease a worried father's mind, as "The man behind the bump."


Instagram is where fathers can share photos of them and their little ones when it's just the two of them.


Father's love to brag about their children, and the Facebook app will allow them to do so. They can create a video based on the prompts above and transform their entire profile inspired by that moment.