Even with 13 locations around the United States, many families are not familiar with The Great Wolf Lodge. Those who are, continue to visit year after year. The Great Wolf Lodge struggles to connect with new customers and gain their loyalty. Their biggest competitor during the summer months are campsites. Our challenge was to reintroduce Great Wolf Lodge to the market as an alternative to outdoor camping and increase their presence as a destination vacation.


Women, 30-45 years old, $60k HHI. 
She is either single or married, but one who has kids ranging between the ages of 6-14. Her children are boy scouts and girl scouts and she loves to be apart of the whole club atmosphere. She is a Den Mother or active volunteer. She is always there at her kid’s soccer games, music recitals, badge ceremonies, etc. She tries to make sure that her children have the skills to succeed in life by getting involved in many organized activities. Her family as a whole, loves to spend quality time together, especially outdoors. They enjoy hiking and camping, but tend to get frustrated easily when things don’t go as planned.


By using review websites, personal experiences, qualitative interviews and testimonials from families who have camped and/or visited a Great Wolf Lodge before, we uncovered the parents’ true feelings about camping. We found that there were a lot of frustrations around camping. Frustrations like the questionable weather, setting up the tent, starting your own fire, hiding your food from the wildlife, blowing up the tubes for water sports or is the water even warm enough? With this information we came to one main insight.


+ Family camping trips are fun in theory; however, there can be more hassles and time spent on the struggles of setting up and cooking, than on quality time with everyone.


Great Wolf Lodge is like camping but without the frustrations that a traditional camping brings because you don't have to rough it.


Position as a fun alternative to traditional camping bringing the outdoors indoors.


Alexa Skoulis - Account Planner

Timothy Carvalho - Account Planner

* This is work that I did while at SCAD.