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HELLO & WELCOME! I’m Alexa – a Creative Strategist.

Feel free to stay awhile & poke around. More about me below :)

Don't just seek your own greatness, seek to inspire others to also be great.

About me

I’m a dinosaur-loving, New Englander with a Southern soul - I grew up on a small farm on the Connecticut shoreline. The moment I finished high school, I packed up my car and made my way to the only place arguably hotter than Hell, Savannah, GA.

I graduated from SCAD with a BFA in Advertising Design. While I was taking the usual design, copywriting and motion media classes, I fell in love with the “why” behind the designs I was asked to create. That was when I was introduced to brand/account planning or, as I like to call it, creative strategy. So I developed my own curriculum that would push me to grow as a strategist - I took psychology, business and creative writing, and of course, an account planning course.

I have a passion to inspire people and to always be a student. I want to be part of the behind-the-scenes team that helps to guide and teach others to shine.

Nowadays, you’ll find me back in CT working as a strategic Account Manager for Digital Surgeons in New Haven.

Even though my current title is Account Manager, I still call myself a creative strategist because I understand design thinking and the full creative process, I know when to step back and step in, how to present my ideas in a concise manner, when to ask the 5th “why” to uncover that inspirational insight, and how to ramp up a team to create something that’s beautiful, entertaining or useful.

When I’m not at work, you’ll probably find me studying for my NASM certifications (ask me about what I’m learning now!), in the saddle in a Spin class, dropping weights in CrossFit, road trippin’ for the weekend, loom weaving, learning some new knots for my macramé, or, ya’ know, reading about dinosaurs and paleontology.

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